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Trade union mental health campaign brings the community together

28th November 2018

“This is a great opportunity to start a conversation…”

Community Reps from a local steelworks recently held a health & wellbeing event for their fellow members to promote Community’s Mental Health priority campaign and encourage a heathy lifestyle.

Local gym/health centres and mental health charities stopped by to offer advice and guidance, local college students offered free head, shoulder and hand massages and Community’s education arm Communitas ran a fitness band raffle.

Community health & wellbeing day

Local steelworkers, college students and fitness experts came together to talk about health, physical and mental

Communitas Project Manager for Scotland, Susan Cassidy said: “With the demographics of any steel workforce being predominantly male, the likelihood of staff talking about their health – and in particular their own mental health – is very slim.

“Running events like this is a great opportunity to engage with members and to start a conversation about these issues – a conversation that hopefully continues into the canteens, the plant floor and into the home.”

At our 2017 Conference, Community delegates voted overwhelmingly to make mental health our priority campaign. You can learn more about our campaign by clicking here.