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A thank you from Tracey

28th November 2018

“We can provide the young people with ‘skills for life’ for a long time into the future…”

Following on from a successful charity fund application, Community member Tracey wrote in to us to let us know that the money was being put to good use:

“I am a Scout leader in my home village of Denmead, Hampshire and we offer weekly sessions and events to approximately 130 young people aged 6-18 years within the scouting association. We also run events within the village community.

“We have a fantastic scout hut which is used during the day for a Play Group. Ofsted require playgroups to have an outside space that can be used in all weathers. In order to continue using our hut we have agreed to make an outside secure playground. This will cost in the region of £3000.00.

scouts on a day out

The financial support has meant that we can spend our money on experiences and days out

“Community’s donation to this project means we can press on with the work. This will mean that we continue to have a steady income from the playgroup and ensure that we can provide the young people with “skills for life” for a long time into the future.

“Thank you Community.”

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