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Community reps meet with MSP to discuss supported employment in Scotland

2nd February 2018

Yesterday Community representatives met with fellow Community member and MSP for North East Scotland Jenny Marra to talk about the difficulties that exist in maintaining provisions for supported employment. Every day disabled people across Scotland and the rest of the UK wake up to the stark challenge of seeking and keeping employment. As Governments north and south of the border proclaim fresh ambitious targets for emp

loyability amongst disabled people, Community, as the union for disabled workers, is continuing its campaign for sustainable supported employment.

Assistant General Secretary John Paul McHugh said:

“I have worked closely with Jenny for many years on this issue, I know how determined she is to bring about sustainable solutions for supported businesses and more crucially deliver high quality employment opportunities for disabled people across Scotland.

“As a Dundonian Jenny has seen first hand the impacts of governments getting it wrong when it comes to supported employment. Until its closure a number of years back Dundee proudly employed many disabled people in its Remploy plant. Jenny has also worked closely with Community to press government and local authorities into applying sensible procurement measures designed to maximise opportunity for supported businesses.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Jenny as we build a strong case for supported business and supported employment across the UK.”

The union represents disabled workers in supported employment businesses across the UK through the National League of the Blind and Disabled, which is part of Community.