Stop The Universal Credit Cut

Up to 6 million people will lose £20 a week in

The pandemic, and the resulting economic fallout, is not over. Unemployment is still higher, tens of thousands of people are having to self-isolate every week and output is still below pre-pandemic levels.

Yet, despite our precarious economic position, the government are stubbornly continuing with their £20 a week cut from Universal Credit. This is the biggest cut to social security payments since the Second World War, and equates to £1,040 per person per year.

What Rishi Sunak and our government still fail to understand is:

  • 37% of Universal Credit claimants are in work
  • This will impact 1.8 million households, including 3.4 million children
  • These changes would be particularly painful to hundreds of thousands of self-employed workers who have already been hit hard and many of whom were excluded from government Coronavirus  support schemes
  • The U.K. has some of the lowest rates of unemployment benefit in Europe. Even with the temporary £20 per week increase, Universal Credit represents just 18% of average weekly earnings. This is compared to an average of 90% in Denmark, 75% in Sweden and 60% in Germany

We’re running out of time, and we need the government to change their minds.

Join our message, and tell the government to reverse the cut:

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