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Steelworkers meet in London to plan campaign

4th April 2016

Community, the steelworkers’ union, has called a meeting of steelworkers in London to plan the next stage of their campaign to save their industry. The meeting will be held on Monday April 4th. Representatives from every steelworks in the country will come together, less than a week after Tata Steel announced plans to sell off their entire UK operation.



The announcement came after Community’s General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss, led a delegation to Mumbai in advance of Tata’s board meeting. Following Tata’s announcement, Community has continued to lead the ‘Save Our Steel’ campaign and put pressure on government to take positive action to safeguard the future of the industry.


Speaking ahead of the meeting, Roy Rickhuss said:


“This meeting will be a key moment in our campaign. By now, no one underestimates the scale of the challenge we face. We have an entire industry to save and not a lot of time to save it. We must also ensure that we hold Tata to a commitment to be a responsible seller and honour its moral and social duties to UK steel communities.


“Community, the steelworkers’ union, has called this meeting so that our reps can relay the concerns of members and join together and shape the next stage of our campaign to save our steel.”





  1. The meeting will take place at the TUC’s Congress House in central London. Around 100 steelworkers will be in attendance from every part of the UK. The meeting is due to start at 1pm and will conclude by 4pm. Steelworkers and union leaders will be available for interview before and after the meeting.
  2. For more information or to arrange interviews with steelworkers and union leaders, please contact Callum Munro on / 07821250904.