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Statement on Jeremy Corbyn victory

24th September 2016

We congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his victory today. Although Community supported Owen Smith in this election, we recognise the scale of Jeremy’s victory and hope to work with him in reuniting our party and campaigning for a Labour government.

Earlier this summer we warned that the very existence of a credible Labour Party was under threat, the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn does not immediately solve that problem. However, it does provide an opportunity for Jeremy to reach out to those that didn’t support him as Labour seeks to rebuild a united party and regain the confidence of the electorate.

Jeremy was right to say today that there is more that unites us than divides us. He must now prove that commitment to party unity by ruling out the deselection of Labour MPs that didn’t vote for him. Jeremy must use his mandate to build a party free from abuse and aggression. Labour Party members must feel comfortable participating in their CLPs and Labour Party staff must feel safe at work.

Jeremy Corbyn deserves credit for winning the votes of over 300,000 people today. We will now work with him and the whole Labour movement to reach out to the millions of voters we desperately need to convince that Labour can once again be a serious party of government.