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Sport Community readies for kick off

5th August 2019

You can jump straight to Sport Community’s official website to learn more

“We’re looking forward to telling the world…”

Sport Community is an exciting new membership organisation bringing together specialist partners to provide a unique and exclusive package of benefits and support. The official launch of Sport Community will take place in August.

Sport Community is a collaboration between the not for profit Xpro Life After Sport and the modern trade union Community. Its partners include the League Managers Association, BMI Healthcare and FundStar.

Ahead of the official launch, Clive Emery, Chief Executive of Xpro said:

“This is an exciting time and we’re looking forward to telling the world of sport about how we can help and support professionals, ex-professionals and anyone in and around sport in the UK. A life in sport, however long it may last, is different to many other careers. Some issues affect sports people more than others. Over the past year, we’ve been building up our network of partners so we can deliver a unique and exclusive membership package.

“Through our Xpro Community initiative we’ve brought together ex-professional footballers to discuss the issues affecting them like osteoarthritis and image rights. With the launch of Sport Community we’ll be reaching out to a wider audience as we aim to become a strong voice and source of support for more people in sport.”



Les Bayliss, National Officer for Community said:

“Sport Community is an important initiative for us. By bringing people together across sport we can deliver a tailor-made package of benefits, which will enhance people’s lives and give them a place to turn to for help. Sport Community is not your typical membership – it’s something that will evolve and grow as more people from more sports get involved. Collectively, we can make a difference on the issues that matter to people in sport.

“We’ve been encouraged by the reaction we’ve received so far and the partners who have come on board like the League Managers Association and BMI Healthcare. There’s clearly a need for what Sport Community will offer and we’re looking forward to welcoming people into membership.”