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Sodexo sign up to Community’s Mental Health Charter

Community - 10th October 2018

On World Mental Health Day, Sodexo, a leading employer in the justice and custodial sector, has joined numerous employers from across the UK to commit to Community’s mental health charter.

As part of Community’s campaign to make mental health a priority in the workplace, Community’s charter includes; providing training and accessible information on mental health, auditing their own employment practices and signposting to information around the workplace on where to get help.

Adrian Axtell, National Officer for the Justice and Custodial Sector, said:

“We are pleased that Sodexo joins the long list of employers who have signed our charter on mental health in the workplace. By signing the charter, Sodexo recognise the importance of tackling stigma and discrimination in the workplace by raising awareness of mental health problems and ensuring employees are supported with their mental health at work.”

“We’ll be working with Sodexo in the months and years ahead to ensure that the mental health of their staff is at the top of their agenda.”

Tony Simpson, Director of UK Custodial Operations, commented:

“At Sodexo we recognise that the jobs our colleagues do in prisons can often be challenging. We continually strive to improve the quality of life for our teams, which is why we have signed Community’s mental health charter today, to demonstrate that mental health remains a priority in our workplaces.

We are looking forward to working with Community to ensure all of our policies and procedures are the best they can be, and represent good practice to other employers in the justice and custodial sector.”

To find the mental health charter, click here.

If you are an employer who would like to sign the mental health charter and commit to making mental health a priority, please email