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Save Orb Steel march in Newport on 12 October

2nd October 2019

“Community members will be joining the march to Save Orb Steel…”

Community is organising a Save Orb Steel march on Saturday 12th October through Newport. The march follows the announcement by Tata Steel on 2nd September that it proposes to close Orb Works. The marchers are calling on the government and the company to recognise the value of the works to the local area as well as to the electric vehicle supply chain in the UK and the potential future prosperity of the site.

Community members are being encouraged to participate and can sign up for information here.

Orb Works provides employment for 400 people, and helps support the livelihoods of many more Newport residents and families in the area.

The march will begin at the transporter bridge with a number of senior representatives of the workforce taking the journey across the transporter bridge from the site. Marchers will be carrying placards and flags and marching behind a Save Orb Steel banner.

The main march will gather from 12:15pm at Gilligan’s Island, with an anticipated start time of 12:30pm and end at Chartist Memorial on Commercial Street for around 1:15pm where there will be speeches from a workforce representative, Roy Rickhuss as General Secretary of Community, Jessica Morden MP and a representative from Newport Council.

Speaking ahead of the march, Roy Rickhuss said:

“Community members from across the UK will be joining us at the march to show their support for the Orb, and to highlight our campaign not just for the future of the Orb but for the future of the steel industry in the UK.”

“Our march will bring a focus to the Orb and demonstrate to decision makers in the company and in government what’s at stake.

“We know the importance of this site to the local community and to the future supply chain for electric vehicles in the UK. It’s imperative that the government and Tata steel recognise the value of this site, invest to enhance its capacity and most importantly ‘Save Orb Steel’ so the works can provide jobs to generations to come. ”

If you want to join in the march and support the workers at Orb Works and the wider Save Our Steel campaign, you can sign up here.