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Tata Steel’s potential sale of Long Products – impact on Scottish plants

22nd December 2015

A spokesperson from the steelworkers’ union Community said:

“Tata Steel’s announcement that the Dalzell and Clydebridge mills are in scope for the potential sale of Long Products to Greybull does not mean their future has been secured.

Tata announced their intention to mothball the Scottish mills and pull out of the steel plates market long before any bids to acquire long products were submitted.

Therefore the business model Tata presented to investors did not include a future in plates, and the possible sale to Greybull does not solve the problem.

Seventy steelworkers were made redundant from the Scottish mills last week and many more are set to leave the business in January.

It is imperative that the Scottish Government’s Task Force redoubles their efforts to secure a sustainable future for Dalzell and Clydebridge and ensure that the skills and assets are preserved until a buyer can be found.”


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