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The road ahead for the finance sector

Caroline Taylor
15th March 2019

“The future of the Finance and professional sector is looking bright…”

Since joining Community, the finance and professional sector has taken many steps to ensure the voices of its members are heard and their issues & concerns are listened to.

Becoming a part of such a diverse union has created a unique platform, allowing us to explore issues bespoke to us, whilst also being able to campaign on a much bigger stage for issues shared by steelworkers, self-employed workers, shoemakers, prison officers and everything in-between.

Finance reps were able to attend Community’s biennial Conference in 2017 and speak to conference, vote on motions and begin to find their place in the union.



Community’s finance and professional sector conference


In November 2018, we were able to hold our first bespoke conference inviting members, reps, employers and union officials to have necessary conversations around key areas of concern within the wider finance sector. Roy Rickhuss was also in attendance to sign Zurich up to Community’s mental health charter.

The future of the Finance and professional sector is looking bright, with the inclusion and integration of West Bromwich Building Society into Community having proved successful. There are a number of new areas within our current employers where we have recently gained recognition and the aim is to steadily build up support and increase membership in these areas.

Caroline Taylor is National Secretary for the finance and professional sector at Community.

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