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Response to Sajid Javid statement on Tata Steel

11th April 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-11 18.26.37As part of the steelworkers’ union Community’s ongoing Save our Steel campaign, leading union reps from affected Tata Steel plants across the UK attended Parliament today and, along with their General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss, were in the House of Commons to hear the Secretary of State’s statement. Speaking after listening to the statement by Sajid Javid MP regarding the steel industry, Roy Rickhuss said:

“We are encouraged by the fact the government has confirmed it is not ruling out any options to secure the future of the UK steel industry. In particular, the suggestion that the government could co-invest with new owners in the interests of the long-term future of steel making in the UK helps to send the right signal to potential investors and to Tata Steel’s customers that the government is determined to maintain the integrity and continuity of the business. Mr Javid should bring forward further details of what ‘co-investment’ would look like and share his plans with the unions so we can ensure that the best interests of steelworkers are upheld. There are still many steps to be taken and yet again we call on the government to match the rhetoric of its ministers with action and to continue to work with Community to save our steel.”

Union reps also lobbied MPs and Lords and attended the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Steel, which was addressed by the Business Secretary.