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Regional training seminar launched in Scotland

24th January 2020

“We have listened to our members…”

The Community regional office in Glasgow has recently hosted the first regional seminar for members in Scotland. This regional training seminar launched in Scotland was the first of a number that are taking place across the country in a new initiative from Community – where the union is bringing reps training back to the regions. These in-house seminars will allow local officials to deliver bespoke training to teps within their own region -where the regional organisers know their workplaces and the issues that they are facing.

National Organiser for Education, Tiffany Gillies said:

“We have listened to our members who asked for regional training opportunities at Community’s conference in 2019. We have launched our new education programme which includes regional seminars on membership retention, communication, resolving disputes in the workplace and supporting members experiencing stress in the workplace, that brings training back to the regions making learning more inclusive to all.”

This “Retention – Making a difference” seminar was delivered to reps by regional organisers Jason Wyllie and Jennifer Dean and aimed to help reps gain a practical understanding of retention processes, their role as a rep throughout the retention processes and to help ensure best practice is applied throughout.

Jason Wyllie delivering regional retention seminar in Scotland.

Regional Organiser – Jason Wyllie delivering retention seminar.

Regional Organiser for Scotland & Northern Ireland, Jason Wyllie said:

“Retention can be a difficult subject as many people assume retention processes are for financial reasons. However as a union we know that retention is much more than that. We want to keep our membership at a high level so we can keep providing the best level of representation to our member, provide strong branches in the workplace that are better placed to negotiate on terms and conditions and remain a strong union. This was the first seminar we have delivered to reps in Scotland which was very well received, we hope to deliver more in the coming year.”

Branch Secretary, Pearl Abernethy said:

“I attended the first regional training seminar launched in Scotland and I really enjoyed it and it was great to take part in training delivered here in Scotland. This was a really useful seminar as strengthening our branches is really important for the future of the union and I would recommend to other reps.”

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