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Prisoner assault victim wins six figure compensation

10th April 2019

“Community makes sure our members get support all the way through any claim…”

A Community member in justice, custodial & immigration services received a six-figure compensation payment after being assaulted by a prisoner in 2015.

The member sustained physical injuries to his head and body as a result of the attack.

A claim was brought against the employer on the basis that staffing levels were too low, which meant that the member had been left alone to supervise a high-risk prisoner. The employer admitted liability early in the case.

In addition to his physical injuries, the member also developed a severe psychiatric reaction. He was unable to return to his former role and was effectively demoted because his new role was on a lower rate of pay.

Members keep 100 per cent of any compensation

Although liability was admitted, there was some dispute over the extent of the member’s injuries, and court proceedings had to be commenced to ensure that the action started within the time limit to submit a claim.

Shortly before trial, discussions were held with the defendant’s representatives and a settlement was finally reached.

The member recovered significant damages, which included pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

The case was settled over three years after the incident.

Community’s Head of Services, David Fiddler, said:

“Sometimes cases like this can take a long time. Community makes sure our members get support all the way through any claim. The member in this case was happy with the outcome and pleased with the work of our panel solicitors.”

If you have been assaulted at work, you can contact Union Lawyers to see if you can make a claim. Community members keep 100% of any compensation.

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