Learning in Scotland

Community uses Scotland’s Union Learning (SUL) fund to support workers in Scotland. You can learn more about this below.

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How we do it…

The Scottish Union Learning (SUL) Development Fund Project is funded by the Scottish Government. The primary Objective of this project is Employer Engagement – working with employers to drive skills utilisation and workforce development. The Project Manager and Community Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) work with employers across Scotland, through Joint Learning Committees, to upskill Community members in these workplaces – helping to not only enhance the individual employability skills of our members, but also to helps contribute to collective prosperity, fairness and equality for workers across Scotland.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Provide finances for collective learning provision in the workplace.
  • Funding available for individuals in a variety of areas e.g. Cyber Awareness, Mental Health & First Aid Courses.
  • Funds available to facilitate Disability and Deaf Awareness Workshops along with other learning needs.
  • Provide redundancy Support through Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE.
  • Communitas can arrange for a PACE response team to visit a workplace at risk of redundancy, or can arrange individual Information, Advice and Guidance to Community members and their families.

For more details about our Scotland project please contact Susan Cassidy at:

Email: scassidy@community-tu.org

Call:  07718 779476