Financial &  family support

Every life stage brings its own rewards and challenges, and sometimes we need a helping hand. Our exclusive member benefits ensure that you’re getting the help you need to make things a little easier. Whether you’ve just had a child, studying at university, recovering from an accident at work or have fallen on hard times.

As we always say, with Community in your corner, you are never alone.

Child benefit scheme

Our members' children represent the future, and we aim to support them on their journey into adulthood. If your children are under the age of 16, you can register them with us. They will then receive birthday cards and gift vouchers at key stages of their childhood, such as when they first start school. We also celebrate your child with a £50 ‘baby bonus’ payment for parents.

The small print
• For members who have transferred from other unions, rules apply regarding eligibility of children born or adopted before the relevant transfer date (it depends on your industry!). Our advisors will be able to let you know if this applies to you.
• To receive the ‘baby bonus’ you must have been a member of Community for at least 12 months prior to your child's birth or adoption date.

How to apply:
• To register a child under the Child Benefit Scheme, download and complete an application form.
• Alternatively, you can ask your workplace rep for an application form, or call the Service Centre on 0800 389 6332.

Convalescence benefit

If you’ve recently experienced a serious illness or work-related injury, you may well be in need of some rest and recuperation. We partner with two historic convalescent homes to provide you with a free fortnight in beautiful surroundings; with full board and expenses paid. You can even take a partner with you!

The small print
• If members take a partner, the stay is reduced to 1 week.
• The convalescent homes do not have nursing facilities; so you need to be able to care for yourself.
• Applications must be signed off by a doctor.
• Members can visit Railway Convalescent Home in Devon or Blair Castle in Fife, depending on locality and season.

How to apply:
• To apply for a convalescent stay, call the Service Centre on 0800 389 6332, or email

Benevolent fund

The Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to members and their families who are experiencing severe financial hardship. Donations are made to those with exceptional needs, for whom state support is insufficient or not forthcoming. Typically many individuals and families are in distress and have few other places to turn to for support.

If you’re a Community member and would like to apply for the Benevolent fund, you can download an application form Word version here or a printable PDF version here. Alternatively, you can call the Service Centre on 0800 389 6332 and ask to be posted a form. If your organisation has a workplace rep, you can also speak directly to them.

Regional charity fund

The regional charity fund is a £500 fund available every 3 months for local charities and good causes supported by our members in our Community branches. If you are a member with a charity or good cause you believe Community could support, you can apply online by clicking this link. (All physical applications must be submitted to your local regional office for consideration).

Higher education bursary fund

Community has always been a champion of lifelong learning. But we always want to do more.  So we have established a fund that provides members (or their children) with a bursary to support them in their first year at university or higher education college.

"As somebody who has been a lifelong learner through the union, I know the value of a good education.  I also know that thanks to this government the cost of higher education has dramatically increased.  That's why I'm proud that we are offering this opportunity to our members and their children.

"I hope members who are going back into education or the sons or daughters of our members will consider applying.  We did talk about whether we could provide all members and their children with a higher education benefit but rather than providing £20 book tokens for all, we decided it would be better to provide a smaller group of individuals with a bursary that could transform their experience of their first year in higher education and that, in turn, they could go on to inspire others.” Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary

The small print!

  • Bursaries are available for the first year of study only.
  • Bursaries are primarily available for the first degree course entered into by the student, or for the first year of some postgraduate professional conversion courses e.g. PGCE. Bursaries are generally not available to masters degree courses.
  • Bursaries range in value, up to £4,500, depending on the successful applicant's circumstances.
  • Bursaries are available to both members returning to education, and their children entering into higher education (Higher education is classed as education at University or similar establishments at degree level or equivalent).
  • The benefit is available to members throughout the UK, irrespective of national funding provisions;
  • Bursaries are not available where the course of study is outside of the UK.
  • Members must have a minimum of 3 years membership;
  • Successful applicants (members' children) will commit to union membership if they are not already members.
  • Bursaries will be paid after the course of study has commenced and will be paid in reimbursement of, and in payment of, specific costs and expenses - for example, the purchase of course materials and equipment, housing and travel costs etc.  Bursaries will generally not be paid towards the actual cost of study (tuition fees).

How to apply for 2020

  • The closing date for applications is 30th April 2020, and applicants will be informed whether their application has been successful or otherwise in or about May/June 2020.
  • If you’re a Community member and would like to apply for the Higher Education Bursary, you can download an application form here. Alternatively, you can call the Service Centre on 0800 389 6332 and ask to be posted a form. If your organisation has a workplace rep, you can also speak directly with them.
Bereavement fund

Community's bereavement has now been transformed into a brand new benefit known as LifeChange. Click here to see all of the great extras LifeChange will offer you as a Community member.