Become a Union Learning Rep

Union Learning Reps form an integral part of Community’s rep network and are key in ensuring workplace learning is something that can be made available to all our members in all our workplaces. Community is actively promoting the value of ULRs and encourages anybody to take up this valuable role.

Become a Union Learning rep

Help yourself and your colleagues get on at work by becoming a Union Learning Rep

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What is a union learning rep?

Union learning reps (ULRs) are elected and trained workplace learning representatives. As a ULR, you will be the voice for learning and skills within your workplace and branch.

What do union learning reps do?

ULRs help members get access to learning opportunities and enable them to brush up or learn new skills through working with the union. ULRs are instrumental in championing the importance of training and development and strengthen the branch membership by using learning as an organising tool.

What support is available?

ULRs are supported with advice and training; are given ongoing support with a designated learning organiser. ULRs are an essential part of our union branches and are given rights under the ACAS code of practice. This means you have the right to paid time off to complete any training and reasonable paid time off to carry your duties.

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