Learning opportunities for young workers

If you’re looking at this page, you might have decided that you want to gain more skills.

You may have just left school, college or university, and be looking for your next step.

You may already be working and looking for support to enable you to do better in the job you’re in. Or you may be in a role but looking to move into a different job or industry.

You may already know exactly what industry you want to work in, in which case you’re likely to have a better idea of the skills that are most useful for you in that line of work.

We know that sometimes the hard bit isn’t doing training, but figuring out what to do.

Luckily, Community is here to help with that. With many of our courses totally free, or at a discount, you’ll be able to get the skills you need in a way that suits you.

Looking for your first job or want some help in improving your employability? 

The Skills network offers an introductory course into employability, covering key topics, such as CV writing and identifying job goals.

Learn my way has training on finding a job, talking you through how to search and apply for jobs online.

Litmos heroes offers training on loads of topics in a definitely not boring way, for example, communication and social skills including how to conduct yourself in an interview, and writing and speaking professionally.

Have you always found learning dull and difficult?

We know that school or formal learning doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we offer a huge range of ways for you to learn check out these two for a starter: 

Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device, and helps you to learn in as little as two or three minutes a day – it sends you just a few questions each day and helps you pick what you want to remember.

Litmos heroes offers sixty second skills – quick ways to pick up some points for topics like preventing procrastination, dealing with difficult staff, as well as areas in marketing and branding. If you like what you can learn in 60 seconds, there’s more courses available, in general topics like project management, IT skills, or marketing, as well as specific work areas like construction and retail.

Want to develop your essential skills? 

If you want to develop your English and maths there are some great resources including: 

Wranx – an online training tool that can be accessed on any device, and helps you to learn in as little as two or three minutes a day, for functional skills.

Skillcheck allows you to check how good you are right no.

Skills academy – get free English and Maths courses with CDP: 

    • Like this course which can help you refresh your basic maths skills.
    • Or this one that offers an overview of the basic English skills, for native and non-native speakers.

If you want to develop your IT skills, check out our pages on digital skills here, or:

Litmos heroes offers guides to the whole suite of Microsoft products, from the basics to more advanced skills.

Vision2learn offer courses on essential IT skills for free.

Learn My way has free courses for you to learn digital skills.

 Wranx offers bitesize course on cyber security here.

The skills network offers a level 2 certificate on the principles for digital skills in employment. It will help you to understand the key digital skills that will help you in your job or job search.  

If you’re familiar with IT, this course will help you to use more tech in every day life.

Need a specific qualification for your role? 

If you work in a hands on environment, a health and safety qualification can be essential – IOSH and NEBOSH are available through E-careers here.

E-careers also offers a range of accountancy qualifications, as well as those in project and quality management.

If you work in health and social care there are many courses available to help, including these:

There are many more qualifications available – get in touch with us if you can’t find what you need or need some advice.  

Want to set yourself apart at work? 

The skills network has a range of CPD course, for example: 

You could also take courses like this through distance learning in topics like:

      • Customer service
      • Business administration
      • Preparing to work in adult social care
      • Retail operations 

The Skills Academy offers loads of e-learning courses, including really short course to help you at work.

Litmos heroes has some user-friendly courses for your personal development helping you with soft kills like coping with stress, being more productive and working better in a team environment.

Want to change direction?  

Staff skills training has a lot of courses that can get you started from tax accounting, to fashion design, psychology, floristry, events management or web applications. 

Similar options are available through distance learning, for example, working in adult social care or with those with mental health needs. There’s also guidance to business administration, team leaving and lean organisation and management techniques. Or you might be interested in cleaning, stewarding at spectator events or event planning.  

E-careers offers training in accountancy, project management, IT, digital marketing, health and safety and financial services 

Want to take things further and go into higher or further education? 

Look at our page here which provides you with lots of information about different routes to university or college.