Equality & diversity training opportunities

Training offers for equalities groups and allies

Wranx’s Equality and Diversity in the workplace course gives you just 5-10 minutes of content a day asking you quick questions. Sign up here, it’s free for all community members.

Litmos Heroes has a course on equality and diversity in the workplace, find out more here and sign up here.

If you want to understand harrassment and bullying at work you can take this course.

The Staff Skills Academy offers a two-hour course giving you a certificate in Equality Diversity and Discrimination awareness. Find out about the course here, and sign up here.

There are some useful self-contained modules such as Health and Wellbeing, Menopause Support in the workplace, Cancer in the Workplace available for Community Reps on TUC e-notes.

BAME workers and allies:

We know that unconscious bias is a big issue in workplaces. This training course takes workers through strategies for tackling unconscious bias.

Hate crime against black and ethnic minority people is growing in the UK. We want you to have the skills to tackle this, and this course through Litmos Heroes can help.

If you or a family member doesn’t speak English as a first language ESOL skills for life can help you to develop your English language skills for work, further learning or every day life. Find out more here.

We recently helped the TUC launch a new e-note on antisemitism, check it out here.

LGBT+ workers and allies:

If you or your colleagues need help understanding what it’s like being LGBT+, courses like this could help:

Unfortunately, we know that LGBT+ people disproportionately suffer from mental health conditions. Litmos heroes provides training on mental health at work.

Wranx also has some great mental health awareness courses here.

Women workers and allies:

Litmos heroes has some courses that are commonly requested by women members, for example:

We know that women can face the brunt of domestic violence in the home. There are two training courses that look at dealing with domestic violence as a workplace issue which you can access here: Domestic violence as a workplace issue (and for supervisors and managers there is an extended course here.)

Women also often face sexual harrassment in the workplace. You can find sexual harrassment prevention training here and a course on understanding sexual harassment here.

At Community, we believe that the menopause is a workplace issue. We have lots of resources about this, but also offer access to some training courses – check out Wranx, where in just a few minutes, you can get info about the menopause and its effects in the workplace. Check here for courses.

We also know that as a woman, travel is more risky than for men. Staffskills have this travel safety for women course.

Disabled workers and allies:

Some people don’t understand the issues that may be faced by disabled workers. This training course is a handy 101 on disability awareness.

If you’re interested in understanding more about digital accessibility you can access a helpful course here.

We believe that mental ill health must be taken as seriously as physical disabilities. We have some training on mental health in the workplace below, which could be useful for you, or for colleagues to help them understand.

Litmos heroes provides training on mental health at work.

Wranx also has some great mental health awareness courses here.