Community believe access to learning is a basic right. Education builds confidence, self-esteem and dignity; the key to success in our changing working world, where flexible skills development is vital. Our Community Learn team are dedicated to supporting you access learning, training and education.

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Wranx introductory video

Community has been working with Wranx to support members by providing free bite-sized learning modules online. The content for each module has been written in conjunction with Gateshead College; rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. The modules have been developed to reinforce and underpin members existing knowledge through a continuous learning experience.

Why use Wranx?

  • Build your knowledge – Learn and retain information with Spaced Repetition!
  • 2-3 minutes a day – 10 daily questions is all it takes to learn
  • Anytime, anywhere – Log in on any device whenever it fits your schedule
  • Track your progress easily – Built in performance metrics
  • Effective revision – Refresh your knowledge on topics that you have covered before,
    or learn something completely new!
  • It’s free to use – For all Community members

What is Wranx?

Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device and uses the simple scientific idea of Space Repetition to provide learning that improves knowledge retention, even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day.

Wranx utilises Spaced Repetition in the form of ‘Daily drills’ – a series of around 10 questions a day. What makes Wranx different is that you will be asked a question and then shown the answer. You then have to assess how well you knew that answer, using one of six different ratings, from ‘I knew it’ to ‘I didn’t know it’. Wranx then schedules the question to appear again at a later date – further in the future if you were confident with that question, and sooner if you are not as strong on that topic. This method is scientifically proven to accelerate the learning process!.

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