Automotive  cover

Accidents can happen to anyone – and do! In fact, at least 14% of drivers will have a car accident in any 12 month period. We know that the repercussions can be serious; impacting your finances, your health, and even your job. That’s why we offer accident cover for our members. We want to minimise the effects of accidents and help you back into the driver’s seat.

FREE multi-car family cover with Community Total Motor Assist

A multi-car multi-driver membership package of accident management services that sits alongside your car insurance.

Membership puts you in a stronger position than you are with car insurance alone.

Includes FREE RECOVERY, so you won’t be left stranded at the roadside after an accident. Plus all these benefits as well:

• Like-for-like as-new replacement car
• Manufacturer-approved repair
• Helps avoid claims on your car insurance
• Saves you paying your car insurance excess
• Helps protect your no claims discount
• Private treatment for your injuries
• Legal support from union solicitors
• 24/7 helpline

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Membership of this valuable service is FREE for all Community members with 100% discount code cu29

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Low cost professional driver cover

For just 90p per week, or free as part of our professional driver package, we insure professional drivers, with cover including:

• £10,000 for permanent loss of licence due to accidental injury, disability, illness, poor eyesight or assault.*
• £10,000 in the event of licence being revoked and the member being permanently disqualified from holding a licence as a direct result of injury, illness or disability.*

You may also be entitled to legal support, advice and representation.*

*Conditions apply - click here to view the full terms & conditions.

To apply for professional driver cover, or to find out more, call our Service Centre on 0800 389 6332.