At work

A better working world begins with workplaces that are safe, fair, and supportive. We know that problems at work can affect every part of your life, but with Community in your corner, you’re never alone. Our expert advisors and relevant service partnerships mean that you are always protected.

services_work_articleKeeping your workplace safe

No one should have to work in an unsafe environment. For Community, safety is a top priority... And that doesn’t just mean physical safety, but also protection from bullying,
harassment, stress and substance misuse. We offer health and
safety training to all of our members, along with the support you need to implement change in your workplace.

Keeping your workplace fair

Fair treatment, fair pay, fair pensions; we’re working to make this a reality for every worker in the UK. As well as campaigning in the political arena, we represent our members collectively and individually – negotiating the very best results. If you’re facing unfair redundancy, you’ve been treated unfairly or need support at a hearing, we’ll be there.

Supporting your career development

We want you to succeed! If you have a skill gap, or need help to make that career move – our learning support team can help, with complimentary services that include:

  • Training (IT, literacy, numeracy)
  • Advice, support and mentoring
  • Redundancy support

And if you’re interested in a Higher Education course for you or your child, you may be eligible for a Community bursary. Last year we offered 20 Higher Education Bursaries of up to £4,500.

Professional driver cover
If you’re a professional driver, we can arrange cover of up to £10,000 for permanent loss of license, for only 90p per week. We also make sure you have legal representation if you’re prosecuted for road traffic offences that occurred on the job.

To find out more about how we can help you, or to seek advice, call our Service Centre on 0800 389 6332.

All of Community’s benefits and services are only available to paying members of the union.

At home...
At home...

We’re making life easier
Our members enjoy a great range of family discounts, offers and services.

When life gets complicated
When life gets complicated

We’re there for you
Through every day stress or extreme circumstances – you’re not alone.