Advice & representation

We’ve been helping our members to navigate difficult situations at work for many years. Advice and representation at work are the cornerstone of our service offering, and as a part of Community, you have access to all our experience and expertise.


There are many reasons why our members seek advice; from questions about pensions, to training pathways or information on their rights. Our advisors are legally trained too – so you can ask them about a wide range of legal issues, including consumer law, neighbour disputes, and even housing matters. In times of need, the service can cover close family members too.

If you need advice, call our service centre on 0800 389 6332. Our experienced advisors will be able to answer your questions – or put you in touch with the right expert. First though, you might want to have a look at our Advice Centre, where you can find answers to many of the most common questions around your rights at work.


If you’re facing a serious challenge at work, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. lf you’ve been treated unfairly, you’re facing disciplinary action, or you need support at a hearing…we’ll be there.

You have a right to be accompanied by a union representative to any grievance or disciplinary meeting. And if there isn’t a Community rep in your workplace, we can arrange for one of our fully-trained volunteer representatives to support you.

At Community, we believe in good business. That means that we work with employers and employees to reach a fair and reasonable outcome. We believe that it’s important for Britain’s workplaces to foster positive environments, where employees are treated legally and fairly. If necessary, we will bring in our experienced employment law partners to make sure these standards are being met.

If you need representation, or just want to talk about your situation, call our Service Centre on 0800 389 6332, or if your organisation has a workplace rep, you can speak directly to them.