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Our bursary benefit – made with you in mind…

David Fiddler
8th February 2019

We know the cost of sending a son or daughter to university can be a worry for many families.  That’s why we give our members a helping hand.  Every year we award around 20 bursaries worth up to £4,500 each to members and their children towards their first year of study at university or higher education college.

Since Community introduced the Higher Education Bursary Benefit in 2014, over 150 bursaries have been awarded to members and their children, and the union is proud to have made a real difference to the lives of so many students entering into higher education.

Olivia was offered a place at university last year and was able to apply for a union bursary through her father’s membership with Community.  A bursary was granted to Olivia which she used towards the cost of her student accommodation.

After receiving the bursary, Olivia said ‘I was surprised how expensive my accommodation costs were.  I took out a student loan and my family helped, but even that wasn’t enough to cover my accommodation and all the equipment I needed for my course.  I used the union bursary to help pay for my accommodation and I can now concentrate on my studies, knowing that it’s paid for the first year.  I’m really grateful to the union for helping me, and so far, I’m doing well at university.’

The deadline to apply for a union bursary is 30 April, so if you have a son or daughter who is planning to go to university later this year, or if you are thinking of embarking on a higher education course, now is the time to apply.

The small print!

  • Bursaries are available for the first year of study only.
  • Bursaries are primarily available for the first degree course entered into by the student, or for the first year of some postgraduate professional conversion courses e.g. PGCE. Bursaries are generally not available to masters degree courses.
  • Bursaries range in value, up to £4,500, depending on the successful applicant’s circumstances.
  • Bursaries are available to both members returning to education, and their children entering into higher education (Higher education is classed as education at University or similar establishments at degree level or equivalent).
  • The benefit is available to members throughout the UK, irrespective of national funding provisions;
  • Bursaries are not available where the course of study is outside of the UK.
  • Members must have a minimum of 3 years membership;
  • Successful applicants (members’ children) will commit to union membership if they are not already members.
  • Bursaries will be paid after the course of study has commenced and will be paid in reimbursement of, and in payment of, specific costs and expenses – for example, the purchase of course materials and equipment, housing and travel costs etc.  Bursaries will generally not be paid towards the actual cost of study (tuition fees).

How to apply for 2019

  • The closing date for applications is 30th April 2019, and applicants will be informed whether their application has been successful or otherwise in or about May/June 2019.
  • If you’re a Community member and would like to apply for the Higher Education Bursary, you can download an application form here.