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Online learning through the coronavirus

18th May 2020

We have continued to support the health and wellbeing of our members, with several of our members and reps completing training from basic awareness to completion of Mental Health First Aid training. We want to continue supporting members and provide you with the opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge and understanding of mental health. We have various courses and training available to members:

  • From Mental Health Awareness to Mental Health First Aid training, please see further information on the courses by clicking here. To register for any of the courses, please email us:
  • For customised, scientifically-proven learning, you can complete short drills on Wranx to develop your awareness of mental health conditions including:
    o    Working from Home: Mental Health
    o    Mental Health: for Healthcare Professionals
    o    Harmful Gambling and more.
    o    To register please click here.
  • We also offer bite sized learning on health and wellbeing in partnership with Litmos which you can find by clicking here. To register for a course, email us on

We hope you can join us in some of our activities this week, and take the time to consider showing acts of kindness. By talking about our wellbeing and mental health, and supporting our colleagues, families and friends, we can help tip the balance in favour of good mental health across the UK.


For reps who are still at work, now is the time to recruit. With workers across the UK facing some of the most challenging issues they have faced for a generation it is now more important than before to be in a union.

If you aren’t already a member, you can join us here.

You can view all of our COVID-19 resources here.