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NSPCC extends recognition of Community to all employees

1st April 2019

“Having a respect for each other’s position and working hard to find common ground is what has made our relationship so successful…”

The NSPCC has signed a new recognition agreement with the Community trade union. The children’s charity now recognises Community for all staff and the two signatories have renewed their commitment to working together. The new accord is the first time that both parties have set out how they want to work together productively and how they will do this.

Brett Terry, NSPCC People Director, said:

“We have made great progress in developing our relationship and working with Community, we have got a bit more to do so that we are fully engaged – this agreement is a major step towards making this happen.”

Tom Blenkinsop, Operations Director, who signed the agreement for Community, echoed this saying:

“This new recognition agreement reaffirms Community’s desire to work as a constructive partner alongside our members in developing a good and healthy workplace for all. We’ve taken great steps forward in refreshing the terms of references for our members at the NSPCC and look forward to a positive working relationship with NSPCC going forward. This new recognition agreement is a demonstrable example of the hard work put in by NSPCC Community union reps on behalf of members from across many diverse NSPCC and Childline sites. We would encourage staff who are not yet Community members to get involved and join your union, help to make a real difference.”

Brett Terry continued “Community and their representatives have a great insight into what we do, what people think and what will work best and we have some really great examples of how we have worked together – right from the start we engaged with Community at all levels in the recent Childline Development programme in National Services. Their pragmatic approach, ideas, support enabled us to get to the best outcome.”

Claire Johnson, Director of National Services explains: “We always get Community involved early, they often ask very “challenging” questions however this helps us to be better informed and prepared and get the best result for our staff, volunteers and most importantly deliver the best services we can for Children and Young People. Their approach is always practical and ‘can do’.”

Lisa Aytok NSPCC Community rep added:

“Within Childline I enjoy a great working relationship with not only the local management team but more senior managers too. Claire Johnson has continued to seek the views of our members and sought to work alongside Community representatives to find solutions to the problems faced by the organisation in delivering services. Having a respect for each other’s position and working hard to find common ground is what has made our relationship so successful and a model for other divisions within the NSPCC.”

Claire Johnson concludes:

“The message is clear – engage Community at the start, they can help to get the best result, which is what we all want.”

NSPCC employees can email for more information and to join.