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NSPCC to top up furloughed workers salary to 100%

8th April 2020

In response to the recent COVID-19 global health pandemic, the children’s charity NSPCC, working in partnership with Community, has committed to topping up furloughed workers to 100% of their salary for the duration of the job retention scheme, until the end of May.

Adrian Axtell, Community’s National Officer with responsibility for the third sector, said: “We are pleased that the NSPCC has worked with Community to establish a fair approach to furloughing employees. We unfortunately know of too many cases where employers have not taken similar approaches and we hope others will take their lead from NSPCC to ensure families can have some peace of mind during this challenging time.”

The government’s job retention scheme entitles employers to claim back 80% of staff costs, up to £2,500 a month, if they cannot cover it themselves due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Community has represented staff within NSPCC for over a decade and has a fast-growing charity and non-profit membership within the union. For more information or advice about how the job retention scheme works or what your rights are during this period, please go here or call our member service centre on 0800 389 6332.

Community is proud of its sectoral diversity, regardless of whether you’re a charity worker, steelworker, prison officer, or care worker, you’ll always find support from us.

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