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“No deal without steel” – unions and industry stand together against Trump’s tariffs

26th July 2018

Community, the steelworkers’ trade union, and UK Steel, the industry’s trade association, have issued a joint call on politicians to ensure that steel is top of the agenda when it comes to trade talks with the USA. This comes in response to the meeting between Jean-Claude Junker and Donald Trump, at which both leaders agreed to work towards ‘free and fair trade’.

No deal without steel

Steelworkers have campaigned for fair trade from the very start…

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community, and Gareth Stace, Director of UK Steel, said:

“We welcome the fact that trade talks are finally taking place at this level, but politicians need to remember that it was Donald Trump’s steel tariffs that lit the fuse in this trade war. Greater cooperation across all sectors of our economies is a good thing, but there can be no lasting trade partnership while UK steelmakers are being hit with 25% tariffs.

“Every day these unnecessary and unwelcome tariffs remain in place is a step in the wrong direction for ‘free and fair trade’. Jobs on both sides of the Atlantic are being put at risk by these measures, and the UK steel industry will continue to face uncertainty until the tariffs are lifted. The UK Government must work with the EU and stand in firm opposition to these tariffs. Only when Donald Trump drops these counter-productive measures can proper trade talks progress – there can be no deal without steel.”


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