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New Community reps training course launches

26th February 2020

Members have participated in the first five-day Community reps training course from the union’s new education programme. The course took place at the GFTU’s Quorn Grange Hotel in Loughborough earlier this month.

The learners got the opportunity to network with other reps on the course and engage in a learning journey by developing campaign and organising plans they can take back to their workplace. On the last day, they held an open Q&A session with General Secretary Roy Rickhuss where questions were raised about national campaigns, ideas were put forward around how Community can continue to grow and how it can support local charities.

Roy Rickhuss said:

“Reps training and education is a vital part of our future and Community is committed to providing reps with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to give our members the best level of support when they need it.”

The reps course is an essential part of training that helps reps to understand ways to effectively organise, how to resolve disputes and support members through disciplinary or grievance hearings. It also looks at how to get members active in Community activities and how reps can develop in negotiating and collective bargaining skills.

Photo of new reps training

The first class on our new reps training, with their completion certificates

Tiffany Gillies, Community’s Head of Education, said:

“Our 2019 conference theme was ‘Shaping the Future’ and with the new education programme, we have courses for reps that are modern and inclusive to all learners, delivered by new teaching methods, new technology and innovative ideas that go beyond the usual platforms of trade union education.”

“We have our own experienced regional organisers who are trained to deliver the courses. This means the tutors have an in-depth understanding of members’ workplaces, sectors and campaigns. In this way, the training and development is reflective of what is going on in members’ workplaces and the relationships between the regional organisers and reps are strengthened.”

The course is accredited by Community, following the union’s own learning standards and reps receive a certificate signed by the General Secretary on completion. Participants in the first course came from across the union’s regions and sectors.

Check our Reps Area to see what other courses are available for reps. Not a rep yet but want to get involved? Click here to let our team know.