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On Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June at conference, you will be able to attend various fringe events, focusing on union campaigns from the menopause to combating fire and rehire. Register your interest below.

Standing together for a menopause revolution – Tuesday 31st May 2022 (lunchtime)

Join Community’s Campaigns and Political Officer Maya Ilany, alongside Community members Jacquie Thomas and Rachel Thompson to discuss the importance of menopause policies and training in workplaces.

Standing together for a stronger union – Tuesday 31st May 2022 (lunchtime)

Join Community Assistant General Secretary John-Paul McHugh, alongside Community members Helen Stephens, Linda Ballard and Joe Cunningham of SIPTU on how we can build a stronger union from Westminster to individual workplaces.

Standing together against fire and rehire – Wednesday 1st June 2022 (lunchtime)

Join Community General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and Clarks employee Trevor Stephens to discuss the detrimental impact of fire and rehire on employees and how we’re fighting to stop it once and for all.

Standing together for a fair recovery – Wednesday 1st June 2022 (lunchtime)

Join Cllr Elise Wilson, Community Operations Director Alasdair McDiarmid, and Community member Lori-Anne Button on how Community is working with local representatives and within our members’ communities to ensure a fair recovery from the pandemic.

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