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A message from Alice

6th July 2018

“Alice can’t thank you enough…”

Community members at Benteler Automotive in Corby recently came together to raise money for a young girl in desperate need of home adaption due to life long illnesses.

Alice suffered a brain haemorrhage and 2 strokes when she was born, which resulted in a diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. As a result of these conditions she requires home adaptions to support her and her parents, such as a bathroom that will help with the spasms she regularly experiences.

After the Government made Alice’s family aware that they would not be funding the necessary adaptions, the workforce of Benteler Automotive took action to raise money, via applications to Community’s Regional Charity Fund and fundraisers such as Christmas jumper days.

Alice, on the way to the bank with her Community cheque

The family recently got in touch saying: “The bath was fitted earlier in the year following the money raised by the generous people of Benteler and Community, as you can see by the photo she has paid in the cheque kindly donated. Dad has been lifting Alice in and out of the bath, which has helped so much ease her muscles and improved the awful experience of her seizures, but now Mum is getting fitter and the school holidays are upon us we can finally finish the bathroom with all the lifting equipment and the mermaid finishing touches that Alice has chosen.

“I can’t thank you enough and Alice can’t thank you enough too, without the help from Benteler and Community this wouldn’t be a reality”

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