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Mental health brought to the silver screen with Community’s help

30th November 2018

“The cinema has always been a place for people to come together and share experiences…”

The trade union Community and it’s education arm Communitas recently sponsored a mental health event on the 14th September in Swansea. Communitas Project Manager Lisa Francis and union learning representative Amanda De Leon Capdesunder arranged a unique event for charities such as NSPCC and third sector organisations. A small cinema in Swansea was hired and two showings of a film called “Resilience; the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” were shown, emphasising the effects of childhood trauma and resilience.

Community Communitas silver screen team

The Community/Communitas/Union learning team at the end of the event


Before the viewing, Regional Secretary for Community Wales Rob Edwards said “With Community currently running a priority campaign around mental health, this event was really important to us.

“The cinema has always been a place for people to come together and share experiences, so tying that collective experience and the issue of mental health together is something we are proud to get behind.”

In Wales, Community have promoted and funded more than 100 learners in mental health courses since April 2018 through the Welsh Union Learning Fund. These have been a range of courses in mental health awareness, mental health for men, mental health first aid, mindfulness and innate resilience.

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