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Mental health briefing for Kidderminster Harriers staff

21st January 2020

“We will take these skills back in to the workplace…”

In December, Community’s Trainee Learning Organisers, Alex Teague and Dan Warren, worked alongside Kidderminster Harriers Football Club to organise a one-day mental health briefing.

Employees of the football club, including academy and community coaches and the backroom staff, were invited to participate to develop their understanding of mental health issues. One in four people across the UK experience a mental health problem each year. Community has been pushing mental health up the agenda in the workplace as part of a campaign on mental health.

Alex said:

“Those who took part now have a greater understanding of the issues at hand and have learnt a broad overview of mental health; they will take these skills back into the workplace.”

Photo of participants at the mental health briefing course at Kidderminster Harriers

Participants focus on one of the learning activities during the course.

Course feedback

There was positive feedback from participants with one saying, that the ‘tutor was very good. Very focused on breaking down the stigma of mental health. Another said they had “more understanding of mental health in the work place and how to help support [colleagues]. I will continue to be open and easy to talk to and try and push past the stigma and make the workplace better.”

One of the participants said that they had learnt “all the different areas of mental health, and a better understanding of each other. How to approach each area and what you need to do.” Their colleague echoed the feedback saying they had “learnt how to act if someone is presenting symptoms.”

The event took place at the Harriers Arms, the football club’s pub. The session was led by Janet Farrar, a tutor from Manchester College’s trade union education team.

Community has created a suite of mental health training courses. There is a one-day briefing, a two-day awareness course as well as accreditation in mental health first aid.

If you would like any more information on Community’s mental health courses, take a look at our flyer on what we offer, or get in touch with the team.