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Liz Truss must work with whole justice sector

4th October 2016

Today, the Justice Secretary, Liz Truss MP has announced at Conservative Party Conference that the government will make an additional £14m available to prisons to recruit more staff. However, this money will only cover some publicly run prisons. Community, the justice services trade union has responded by calling on the Justice Secretary to stop ignoring the safety crisis within private justice and custodial services.


Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community said:


“Yet again private sector prisons have been overlooked when it comes to additional funding to tackle the challenges that every prison faces. Prisoners don’t choose between public or private establishments and the ongoing safety crisis runs across both the private and public prison estate.


“Liz Truss says that she has listened, but she has not listened to prison officers in the private sector and is yet to meet with Community as their representatives.


“All prison officers, no matter who employs them, deserve to work in appropriately staffed, safe working environments so that they are best able to protect prisoners, the public and perform their vital role in rehabilitating offenders.”


Community is the leading union in private justice, custodial and immigration services. Click here to find out more about our campaign for a safer justice sector.