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Liberty steel reps meet to discuss future of the business

29th January 2020

The meeting of reps from across Liberty Steel allowed for positive dialogue about the steel industry in the UK…

This week, senior Community representatives from Liberty Steel sites came together for the first time to discuss the future of the business in the UK.

The newly established group were joined by Cornelius Louwrens, CEO of Liberty Steel UK, who shared with them the company’s plans for the future of the business in the UK.

Liberty Steel Reps

Liberty Steel reps pictured with Community General Secretary Roy Rickhuss (centre) and Liberty CEO Cornelius Louwrens (left of Roy)

After the meeting Alun Davies, National Organiser at Community said:

“The joint meeting of our senior reps from across Liberty allowed for positive dialogue about the future of both Liberty and the whole of the steel industry in the UK.

“Our reps were able to have an honest and frank discussion with Cornelius Louwrens about the future of the business, their concerns and their ideas for achieving a viable and profitable business that keeps good quality, highly skilled jobs in the UK for generations.

“We will be meeting regularly to ensure that the trade union voice in the future of Liberty is strong, and that any changes that are made have the workforce as well as the future of the business at the forefront.”


Community is the union for steelworkers, we campaign tirelessly to secure a long term steel industry in the UK for steelworkers and their families.

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