Our motion at Labour Party Conference

Motions at Conference help shape our Party’s message and vision for the country. This year, recognising the pivotal moment we face as a planet in the lead-up to COP26, we have submitted the below motion on the importance of a Just Transition for the steel industry. More can be read about this here.

This is the latest version of the motion, as of September 22nd 2021. Note it will be composited during conference, and will be updated accordingly ⬇️

A just transition for the UK steel industry

Sunday 26th September – 9:50am – 2:15pm

Conference recognises the UK’s targets under the Paris Climate Change agreement to reach net zero by 2050. Conference notes commitments to achieving those goals requires ways to support existing industries to decarbonise in a just way. Conference acknowledges the urgency for the UK to deliver a strategic plan to help the steel industry to become greener, and ensure a long-term, strong and sustainable future.

Conference notes that the green industries of the future, like offshore wind and electric vehicles, all require a reliable source of domestically-produced steel. Conference further notes that the environmental cost of imported steel is greater than domestically produced steel, and any transition that does not keep steel in the UK is a false economy.

Conference acknowledges that our steel industry must decarbonise whilst protecting steelworkers and their communities, and recognises that growing the industry is a prime opportunity to create new, unionised jobs in parts of the country that most need them.

Conference firmly believes that trade unions must be central to the decision-making process to deliver a just transition that protects jobs and steel communities.

Conference calls on the Labour Party to:
• Commit to public procurement policies that take into account environmental and social costs of contracts
• Continue to support the steel unions’ ‘Britain, we need our steel’ campaign
• Lobby for a green industrial strategy based on a foundation of steel
• In advance of COP26, lobby government to deliver the support and financial backing needed to decarbonise our steel industry and secure its long-term future

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