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Labour Party NEC Youth Rep Nomination

19th January 2018

The Labour Party is currently electing a new youth rep to sit on its National Executive Committee and represent young Labour Party members and young trade unionists.

The 12 trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party are entitled to vote in this election, but instead of giving every Labour-supporting young trade unionist a vote, the Labour Party has decided to give only 1 vote to each union, weighted according to the union’s size. These 12 votes will count for almost 50% of all votes cast in the election, with 100,000 young Labour Party members making up the other 50%.

As one of the affiliated trade unions, Community is entitled to nominate and vote for a candidate. Rather than have the decision made by a small committee or by union staff, Community want our members to make the decision themselves. All Community members under the age of 27 who are also Labour Party members or affiliated supporters are invited to vote for one of the two candidates in the election.

Eligible members should have received an email with voting instructions. If you think you are eligible to vote, but didn’t receive an email, please contact

Two candidates have approached Community to request support in this election. They are, Eda Cazimoğlu and Lara McNeill. You can find out more about Eda here, and about Lara here.

Voting closes at 4pm on January 25th.