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Immigration services workers’ issues to be discussed with Home Office

17th October 2019

“We are looking forward to giving a voice to our members’ issues…”

The immigration services trade union Community is to meet with senior Home Office officials in the coming weeks to discuss the issues and concerns of its members working in the sector.

While the union already has a regular dialogue with officials at the Ministry of Justice on behalf of its members working in private prisons and justice services, the union has been seeking a similar relationship with the Home Office, which is responsible for immigration services.

Adrian Axtell, Community’s National Secretary, said:

“We are looking forward to giving a voice to our members’ issues directly with the Home Office. Our members are on the front line of public service and it’s only right and proper that their views on some of the challenges that they can face on a daily basis are heard at a senior level.

“Our members know their jobs and they understand their duties and responsibilities, so they are well-placed to identify areas for improvement in the sector.

“Community is a union that always seeks to work in partnership with key stakeholders, in the best interests of our members. I hope that our discussions with the Home Office will be positive and constructive as we continue to create a safer justice, custodial and immigration services sector.

Community has recently circulated updated materials to its members in justice, custodial and immigration services.

New booklet for immigration services workers

Assaults at work booklet for members.

The union’s Safer Justice Sector campaign booklet has been revised and updated. A new guide for members on assaults at work has also been distributed by reps and organisers.