Lone working

If you work alone, even for just some of your time at work then you are a lone worker. This guide covers best practice for lone working, advice on your rights as a lone worker and what to do if you have any issues.

There are different forms of lone working, such as:

  • Working from your own home.
  • Work separately from others on site.
  • A shift worker.
  • Work in a fixed location by yourself.
  • A mobile worker such as a taxi driver.

There are tonnes of lone workers across the UK who may not necessarily class themselves as such. As with every job, lone working carries different risks, which are also dependent on each different situation, where you are located, who you are working with and what tasks you are expected to undertake by yourself.

This guide covers differing situations and what your rights and responsibilities would be in each given scenario:

Guide to lone working


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