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Giving Annie a start at university

Community - 12th April 2016

With the cost of higher education rising getting additional financial support can make a big difference. When Lisa Hayter’s daughter Annie headed off to university, a bursary from Community gave them peace of mind.

‘Honestly, it will make a huge difference and I am incredibly grateful,’ said Annie as she was about to begin her English language and literature course at Brasenose College, Oxford.annie and lisa bursary story

‘It gives me peace of mind because the cost of accommodation in Oxford is extortionate and study is so intensive that they really don’t want you getting a job, even in the holidays.

‘I think it is great that Community is offering these benefits and that it advocates study to help members and their children. It’s a weight off my parents’ backs.’

Annie’s mother Lisa Hayter, who is a supervisor at NSPCC’s Childline advice service in Shoreditch, east London, is also studying. She is in her second year of a course leading to a diploma in person-centred counselling.

‘We were really concerned about finances in the first year,’ she confessed.

‘I went part time when it looked as if NSPCC was going to change our working hours – the union was supporting us on that – and I am studying myself while my son is in his second year at Birkbeck College.

‘So with three students in the family we could have been in financial straits. The money will go toward Annie’s living expenses and will pay most of her accommodation for the first year.

‘So we are very grateful for the bursary from Community which is going to make a massive difference to us.’