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£1.6 Million funding announced for the NSPCC Helpline

28th April 2020

Community, as the union for NSPCC and Childline staff, was delighted by the announcement from the Secretary of Education that an additional £1.6 million has been allocated directly to the NSPCC adult helpline.

The national NSPCC helpline is for adults to report concerns they may have about the safety and wellbeing of children – as well as giving them information about where they can find advice and support. This helpline was already very busy with 73,000 calls last year. With the ongoing lockdown situation, there are concerns that more children will be at increased risk and this additional funding will allow for more of these important calls to be answered.

NSPCC CEO, Peter Wanless joined Community in welcoming this funding:

“Unfortunately home is not always the safest place for a child to be, and with schools closed and access to many vulnerable children by teachers and social workers more limited the onus falls on all of us to be on the look-out for the signs of abuse and neglect.

“The NSPCC helpline is a crucial cog in the child protection system and this funding will enable us to both increase awareness of our team of experts operating across the country and to expand their capability to provide a safe and confidential space deal for the rising number of adults concerned about children as a result of the coronavirus crisis.”

Community National Secretary for NSPCC/Childline Adrian Axtell also welcomed this funding and recognised the challenging job Community members in this sector are currently facing:

“Our members who work on the NSPCC and Childline helplines already deal with some very challenging and harrowing calls and I have the utmost respect for all our members in this sector. The key skills and services they provide for vulnerable children cannot be underestimated. We encourage our members to speak to each other, speak to their Reps and speak to their friends and family. We will only get through this challenging time by working together and supporting each other.”

The NSPCC helpline can be reached 24 hours a day by email – or through its online reporting form. The helpline can also be called Monday to Friday 8am-10pm or 9am-6pm at the weekends on 0800 800 5000.