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Finance union joins Community

13th January 2017

A finance and insurance union has transferred its members into Community. UFS has longstanding members in the Zurich group and Capita, but, like Community, over time it has been advising and representing workers in other sectors. Its members voted overwhelmingly for the transfer in Autumn 2016 and the process was completed at the start of 2017. The UFS membership will form the core of a new financial and professional sector of Community, which represents a growing number of workers across the UK economy.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community, said:

“I want to warmly welcome UFS members into Community. The arrival of UFS is an exciting development for the whole union. UFS members will benefit from a wider range of benefits and support while continuing to see the high level of service they expect from UFS officers and staff. Through this transfer Community will have a strong foothold in the financial and professional services sector and the opportunity to develop a modern trade union offer for the hundreds of thousands of workers in that sector who do not enjoy the benefit of union membership.”


Alan Wood, former General Secretary of UFS and now Community’s National Officer for Financial and Professional Services, said:

“We’re pleased to be joining the Community family. Being part of a modern and diverse union, we will be in a stronger position to continue creating a better working world for all our members. Joining
Community will also open up opportunities for us to offer more support to our existing members and reach out to other workers, particularly in financial and professional services.”

For almost 30 years UFS has supported finance and insurance workers in the UK. It has also been a member of the Alliance for Finance – a trade union federation for unions in the financial services sector.