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EU steel summit fails to deliver

9th November 2015

Responding to the conclusions of the EU Steel Summit that took place today, Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community said:

“Council ministers and the Commission have clearly failed to grasp the urgency of the current situation faced by the steel industry. Steelworkers whose jobs are at risk and who are seeing the impact of the dumping of cheap steel will take very little comfort from the conclusions of today’s meeting. We need action now and would have at least expected a clear statement of intent from the meeting that they will speed up reform of trade defence instruments or introduce other measures so that European steel producers are better protected from dumping. The promise of yet another meeting of steel stakeholders only delays the action the industry requires.

“The summit also failed to give a proper view on the impact of China gaining market economy status, which will pose an existential threat to the European steel industry.

“What is clear due to the weak conclusions from today is that this must not deflect from the action that the UK government should be taking to support its steel producers. Steel needs short-term action but it also requires a clear commitment to its long-term future – from both government and employers in the industry.”


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