Election of General Secretary 2018

The National Executive Council called for nominations for the election of General Secretary. Here is the key information and documents regarding the election.

UPDATE: the nomination period closed on Wednesday 21 March. Only one candidate was validly nominated by the required number of branches as per rule: Roy Rickhuss. Therefore Roy Rickhuss has been re-elected as General Secretary.


The following are the relevant paragraphs from the union’s rule book:

Rule 7 Election of and responsibilities of General Secretary

a. Candidates for the offices of General Secretary shall be Working Members of the union with not less than ten years’ membership who has held office as an elected or appointed Officer or lay official for not less than the previous five years immediately prior to the nomination date. For the purposes of this rule the term Officer shall mean those elected or appointed in accordance with rules 7 or 9 of these rules, and those union employees with responsibility for the organisation and representation of the membership of the union.

b. The General Secretary shall hold office for five years from the date of election. Save as where (c) below applies The General Secretary shall retire on reaching retirement age irrespective of the date upon which he/she was elected and whether or not their term of office has expired.

c. Any General Secretary who at the date of expiry of a five-year elected term of office, will reach retirement age within five years and has been employed by the union for at least ten years, shall be allowed to continue in office until retirement age without standing for re-election. A General Secretary wishing to exercise his or her right under this rule shall do so by notice in writing to the NEC not later than six months before the date of his or her birthday occurring five years before retirement date.

d. (i) On an appropriate date (which shall be the nomination date) the NEC shall call a ballot and appoint a Returning Officer to determine the timetable for electing the General Secretary. The Returning Officer shall by notice to all Working and Community Members call for nominations to be submitted in writing from amongst those who will be eligible to take office. The Returning Officer shall be determined by the NEC

(ii) Nominations shall be supported by endorsement of a candidate by branches of the union. A nomination shall not be valid unless supported by at least twenty branches and those branches must be from within not less than four regions. One supporting branch shall be the candidate’s own branch. The names of validly-nominated candidates will be sent to a postal ballot of all Working and Community Members. A member shall not be entitled to vote in an election for the General Secretary unless he or she is a member on the nomination date, and has been a member for two years on the date the ballot opens.

Ballot papers will contain the full names of candidates and a list of nominating branches. Candidates shall provide for inclusion with the ballot paper a supporting statement of not more than 500 words which shall be subject to the approval of the NEC. The NEC may on notice to the candidate, and with the candidate’s consent, vary the content of a statement if legal advice is to the effect that the statement would otherwise be defamatory or unlawful or in breach of the union’s rules. The result of the election shall be governed by the “first past the post” system.


Wednesday 21 February Letter/Email to branches requesting nominations

Wednesday 21 March Close nominations; request election addresses from candidates

Monday 26 March Closing date for election addresses

Thursday 29 March Send out ballot papers

Friday 20 April Close of ballot; declare result

Branch secretaries

Branch secretaries can request nomination forms by emailing election@community-tu.org


The election candidate code can be downloaded here: Candidate_agreement_2018_GS

The code should be signed and returned to Community’s head office or scanned and emailed to election@community-tu.org