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Drivers keep an eye on safety at work

8th March 2019

“Helping to keep everyone safe…”

When Harvest Energy took over a new fuel supply contract for Muller, Community Health & Safety reps, John and Stewart, were dispatched to ensure the new delivery area is a safe environment for members and others.

The site visit is one of many Community’s reps will conduct during the year.

Community Health & Safety rep, Stewart, explains:

“Our visits result in a Delivery Point risk assessment being produced which includes the COSHH data sheets for the products being delivered into Muller. This risk assessment also covers special requirements which are site specific from customer to customer. This might be preferred delivery times, site contact details and responsible people.

“We also produce something we refer to as a “DAC” which stands for Driver Awareness Card, which is produced from data from the main risk assessment but with detail which is driver orientated.”

The DAC is a simple format, double-sided A4 card which has a map on one side and site-specific details on the other. It’s laminated and given to the driver with the delivery notes.

“This helps to ensure that the driver is aware of the site and things to look out for, helping to keep everyone safe,” says Stewart.

Community represents fuel tanker drivers working on a number of contracts through XPO, including for Tesco, Harvest and Fuel Supply.

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