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Community’s Service Centre Stands up to injustice

Community - 30th April 2019

“Without Community by my side I would not have known what to do…”

Community’s Service Centre legal advisors team recently supported a vulnerable member with a breach of contract claim. The claim seriously affected her mental health and quality of life.

Alison* was sent a large bundle of  allegations of collusion and fraud from a firm of solicitors who were acting on behalf of her employer.  It transpired, through contact with her employer, that a company director had been recently dismissed and set up a new company under a similar name. Alison was misled and submitted her resignation from their current employer so that he could bring her into the new named company.

Community assisted Alison in framing a suitable written and detailed reply to the solicitors in response to their claims and made mention of the director misleading her to resign.  We advised that she did not consider herself as an employee of the new company.


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Following the submission, she received an email from her line manager asking her to attend the office to discuss some training work.  It appeared from the wording of the email that the case against Alison had been dropped, she had not been officially informed of this.

Alison was then represented by her local Community Regional Organiser in a meeting to seek resolution to the issue.

Alison received an official apology and the reassurance that all legal claims against her had been withdrawn.  Community also negotiated a better rate of pay for Alison as a result of her cooperation with the investigation.

Following the successful outcome, Alison said:

“I cannot thank Community enough for the support, advice and compassion provided to me during what was an intensely harrowing experience.  Without Community by my side I would not have known what to do and how to resolve the serious claims against me. 

“My mental health was severely compromised, and I found myself in a very dark place for what seemed like an eternity.  The Service Centre team provided me with a lifeline of support and guidance throughout the ordeal and without them I dread to think where I may have ended up.

“I cannot thank them enough, I’m so very grateful!”

Community’s Member Service Centre has been providing tailored legal advice, support and guidance to our members for over 10 years. If you want us in your corner, you can join Community by clicking here.


*Name changed for anonymity.