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Community’s advice team continue to secure rights for members

20th June 2018

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In the changing world of work, understanding your rights is becoming more important than ever. Community’s Member Service Centre advice team has been working closely with our members to navigate them through tricky and stressful situations at work.

Claire* has worked for her employer for over 10 years and following surgery had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; the main symptoms for which are widespread pain, extreme sensitivity and fatigue, she was struggling to work a 5-day week.

Claire contacted the advice team after asking her employer to reduce the number of days she worked at the beginning of the year. Her employer told her that it would be late summer at the earliest before this request would be considered. She had not disclosed her health condition and was unsure of the next steps.

Community’s advice team were able to offer comfort to Claire and advised that she let her employer know of her condition, and that the law requires them to make reasonable adjustments which may include altering her hours of work.

Claire discussed the matter further with her employer who was still reluctant to permit any changes.

Using the information provided by the advice team, Claire then emailed her employer outlining how the condition affected her and the company’s legal obligation to make adjustments. After having to wait a short while for the response they finally agreed she could reduce her hours.

Our advice team are a huge support arm to our members

We’re always on hand to help.

Commenting afterwards Claire said:

“I have now accessed the support from Community two times. Both occasions Community has successfully helped to achieve a positive outcome for me.

“With regards to my latest support I can’t thank Community enough for their support. I have struggled with my health, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

“I found it difficult to work a full working week at work. My employer was resistant and not helpful in allowing me to go to 3 days (part-time). I had already waited 5 months and my employer was still being unhelpful.

“As a result I contacted Community and they supported me by discussing my rights and also helping put together a letter to give to my employer. Once my letter was received by my employer they quickly accepted my request to reduce my hours.

“Thank you Community. Thank you for all your support”.

Community’s Member Service Centre has been providing personalised support to our members for over 10 years. If you want us in your corner, you can join Community by clicking here.


*Name changed for anonymity.