Self-Employed Peer Development Scheme

There are just over 4 million people in self-employment and face many challenges. Some of those challenges that our members tell us include working alone and having no team to share ideas with. The Self-Employed Development Scheme provides our self-employed members an opportunity to coach and mentor one another by sharing best practice of their work.

Starting in July, the Self-Employed Development Scheme looks to hold sessions every two month to members in a 1:1 setting so they can look at skills they need to develop or require support with. The aim of the scheme is for members to learn from counterparts that have similar experiences or relevant skills.

By linking members together to provide peer support, self employed members have a partner to discuss issues and find resolution to problems they may face in their work. The outcomes of such scheme helps provides a stronger platform for self-employed members in Community.

If you are interested in signing up to the Self-Employed Development Scheme please fill out the form below.

Self-Employed Development Scheme


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