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Community is reaching out to young workers in new ways

Community - 21st August 2019

“We’re optimistic about what we can achieve…”

This August has seen the launch of Community’s young workers task force.

Following a decision taken by members at Community’s biennial delegate conference, we have set up a task force with young workers. The task force will look at why young people aren’t joining trade unions and how we can recruit and involve more young members and reps.

Young Community members came together with young staff members from across the UK to meet in the new regional office in Sheffield. This inaugural meeting was opened by Community’s General Secretary Roy Rickhuss and was set up to discuss the reasons why so many young people are not members of a trade union or active within the movement.

Community’s newly established young worker task force with Head of Equalities Lauren Crowley (centre) and General Secretary Roy Rickhuss (right)

Conversations took place around the barriers that would stop young people engaging with unions and how to overcome these barriers. It was also discussed how to reach potential and existing young members better using communications  and social media platforms going forward.

The day was really productive, and we want to thank everyone that took part. We are really looking forward to engaging with young trade unionists who want to play an active part in our union and feel optimistic about what we can achieve with this new task force.

For more information or if you would like to be involved in Community’s Young Workers Taskforce please contact Lauren at

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