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Community wins over £1million in court for Courtaulds workers

23rd February 2017

Community, the trade union for textiles workers, has won over £1million for former workers at Courtaulds, a Derbyshire hosiery factory that went into administration last year.

Community, which represented workers at the site, took the case to the East Midlands Employment Tribunal following the company’s failure to consult on redundancy. The gross amount of compensation for the 314 former employees is estimated at £1.13 million.

Community will now continue the campaign to ensure the judgement is delivered and that workers see that money as soon as possible. Tracy Barlow, a former shop steward at the factory and a member of Community’s national executive has helped lead the campaign for justice for Courtaulds workers and was Community’s lead witness at the employment tribunal.

Speaking after the judgement, Tracy Barlow said:

“This is never a situation in which workers want to find themselves, but I am delighted that justice has been served, and that hundreds of former Courtaulds employees will get the money that is rightfully theirs.

“For decades, I have been proud to represent workers as a Community rep, and I was proud to stand up and help argue their case along with Community’s expert legal team. This was a long process, but I am so pleased we got the right result in the end.

“I remember how awful we all felt when we heard the news that Courtaulds was to close, but the support of my union, Community since that time has been invaluable. Over £1million will be shared amongst my former colleagues, I know the difference that money will make and although we will never forget was has what happened, we can now look to the future.”





  1. Community is the union for workers in the textiles industry and continues to represent many former Courtaulds employees.
  2. As Courtaulds were insolvent, this payment will be made by the Insolvency Service from the unpaid wages provision, up to a maximum of 8 weeks at up to £479 per week. This will be subject to deduction of national insurance and recoupment of benefits received during the protected period.
  3. Although payment to former employees is not instant, Community will work hard to ensure workers receive their money as soon as possible.

      4. For more information, contact Callum Munro on / 07821250904.